Phillips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator

The FRx is a rugged and proven AED device. Often sought after by emergency services, the strong and durable design lends itself well to sustaining a harsh tradie environment. One of the best sellers globally, the FrX may be slightly older technology than its rivals, however its has an impressive history of taking knocks & bumps and still performing when required.


The Phillips FRx ships with electrode pads, battery, and carry case.


Why choose the HeartStart FRx AED?


The Phillips FRX is a lightweight AED with a high IP rating and durable design. It is an ideal AED in scenarios where the AED will likely be moved and knocked around regularly, e.g. moved from glove box to back of a van, to First Response First Aid Kits and back to office.


The pre-connected electrode pads that ship with the AED can be used for both adult or children by simply inserting the Infant/Child key (sold separately).


The unit self-checks regularly and will alert if electrode pads or battery require replacement.


Ideal for the tradie or office.


Part no: 861304ABU

Phillips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator

SKU: 861304ABU
$2,950.00 Regular Price
$2,655.00Sale Price
Semi-Auto or Fully-Auto
  • - Manufacturer Warranty: 8 years

    - Product Dimensions: 6x18x22cm

    - IP rating: 55

    - Weight: 1.6kg

    - Maximum Joules: 150

    - Battery Life: 4 years

    - Electrode Pad Life: 2 years

    - Child Mode: Capable (requires additional items)

    - Assisted voice prompting: Yes

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